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Playful Learning 2017

Domingo, 09 Julio 2017 14:52 Escrito por TraiCo Projects
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Dear friends,

We have participated last 12th to 14th July at the Playful Learning conference 2017 in Manchester!!!

We held a Lego® Serious Play® workshop to reduce our Carbon Footprint in the atmosphere. The participants were fully involved in looking for creative and personal solutions and they had the opportunity to see how their individual actions have a global influence. Well done! 

Playing with LSP to reduce our carbon footprint (4hrs). Esther Balmaña, Frank Mas

Throughout the conscious and serious play we propose to take consciousness of the activities that each of us do everyday and their impact on the carbon footprint. We will analize our own habits and will plan new ones to reduce our impact onto the carbon footprint. At the end of the session we will have a personal action plan to reduce the carbon footprint.

And we had the great opportunity to meet new playful people willing to learn and play at the same time! Hope to see you there next year guys!

More info at Playful Learning 2017

Full abstracts of the conference, here.

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